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prosthetic eye fitting centre

Prosthetic Eye

A prosthetic eye can enhance the appearance of individuals who have lost an eye. Some people also call it a “glass/stone eye” or “fake eye”. The experts of Art Eyes a well known prosthetic eye fitting Centrein Delhi design customized plan & execute to that procedure for an individual to make sure everybody gets the best.
Loss of an eye and accepting and living a life with a prosthetic eye can be very difficult, physically and mentally. At Art Eyes we take care of the patient and give the dedicated time for counseling and support in adapting & adjusting the artificial eye. Expert advice of the Art Eye clinic is available to assist patients during this difficult period.
A case of 6 years old boy who was hit by Arrow while playing with his brother during “Dussehra” an Indian festival. His eye got shrunk and later an Art Eye was made for him to give him natural look. He uses this Art Eye which is No Need to Remove Everyday.